Experimental singer/songwriter Lu’Ami brings a Jazzy, Soulful sound to the Brighton music scene. While testing the boundaries of uniqueness with her vocalized loop sounds, she creates enchanting electronic and percussive sounds with catchy pop melodies. 

Her songs have been known to “Melt away tension while expanding your mind and widening your eyes” (TheMeltingMusicPot)

Able to silence a room with rich soulful tones, she has often been compared to artists such as Erykah Badu, Lianne La Havas and Bjork.

The last few years have seen Lu'Ami tour Berlin's hotspots such as Madame Claudes and Fete de la Musique, as well as playing at Festivals such as The Great Escape, Shambala, 2000 Trees and Together the People. 

She has also performed live on Radio 4 and supported British comedian, Arthur Smith, on tour.

Lu’Ami used the idea of 'growth' for her first full length E.P incorporating her innovative sound primarily using the loop station, released in April 2016. This EP also helped to launch a whole new brand incorporating music, sustainable fashion, helping the environment and the evolution of people.

She built a collective of eco-creative people to launch 'Better' with a sustainable fashion, with the intention to raise awareness of climate change. Together, they raised £2500 on Kickstarter and put on a sold out show.

'Better' is available to buy on I Give You Give, with the money being donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

“A raw talent using a sample pad in such a way it’s clear she has an astute musical intelligence. Sounding like a mix of old school jazz vocals, Prince and Bjork without sounding like a fax machine…an incredible performance” – Festivals for All (blog)

Photographer: Steve Glashier