Lu'Ami is currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter to record the new 'Warriors EP: A journey to self-empowerment'. To get involved and find prizes including the EP, an 'ice man' experience, a part in the 'Warriors' music video and for more information - click the button below!

Lu'Ami started a vlog testing theories that claim to make our lives 'better'. The first challenge involves herself and actor Fergus O' Donnell trying out the Wim Hof (Ice Man) method.

At BelongCon, Lu’Ami spoke about the power of taking control, and the freedom that comes from finding a sense of belonging within our own bodies and lives.

At Inspiring Talks Brighton Lu'Ami talks about 'Living Without Limits' - distinguishing two limitations and how to break them down in order to live a free and limitless life. 

An exercise for clearing self-limiting believes described in the talk above

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Lu'Ami organised an immersive performance based on the concept of growth, including a sustainable fashion show to launch the 'Better' EP. With the help of the local artistic community the funds for the event were raised through Kickstarter.